Jason Powell

Jason Powell, Actor

Film Credits: Phone Booth (Dir. Joel Schumacher), You've Got Mail (Dir. Nora Ephron), A Thin Line Between Love and Hate (Martin Lawrence), Coach Carter (Dir. Thomas Carter) 

TV Credits: South Park (Dir. Matt Stone), The Parkers (Dir. Tony Singletary), The Sopranos (Dir. David Chase), Snoop Doggy Televizzle (Dir. Jesse Ignjatovic w/ Snoop Dogg) 

Stage Credits: Blues for Mr. Charlie (with Ozzie Davis at the Actor's Studio), Down from the Mountaintop (Dir. Charles Burnett), Richard III (NC Shakespeare Festival), Salome (w/ Al Pacino, Dir. Estelle Parsons) 

BA in Theatre; MFA in Dramatic Arts from the famed Inside the Actor's Studio  Graduate program at the New School in NY.






















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